Tournament FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Tournaments at Oak Creek Golf Club

Will the deposit be deducted from the final bill?

Yes, unless you tell us otherwise and require an irregular payment schedule, which must be approved by the Golf Sales Manager.

What tournament services does the golf property provide on the day of the event?

On your golf tournament contract, a list is given of all the items included for your event.  Fees may apply.

Will the golf course hang banners and put up signs for us?

Yes, complimentary as long as they are in good taste and by placing these out we don't damage the course, clubhouse or any property.

Will the course set up the foursomes and provide scorecards and cart signs?

You will provide the foursomes and we will provide personalized scorecards and cart signs. We have an Excel spreadsheet template that you may use to set up your pairings.

Can you assist with tee prizes, trophies, merchandise, banners, sponsor signs or hole-in-one insurance?


Do you have a GPS and is usage included in our tournament package?

Of Course! Our DSG GPS is a brand new touch screen. We also offer discounted yardage books (great for an inexpensive keepsake) and on each hole all sprinklers are marked (front, middle and back), there are yardage markers in the fairways and along the cart paths. For a premium, we can also arrange for professional forecaddies.

Is there a player minimum, and what happens if we do not meet it?

Oak Creek Golf Club does not have any golf player minimums. Under most circumstances, we allow tee time groups or shotgun starts all seven days of the week. We do not allow shotgun starts in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays for groups less than 72 players without the Golf Sales Manager's approval.

If your numbers change from what is listed on the contract, we ask that you please let us know. As soon as you do so we can properly accommodate your group as well as our daily tee golfers. You will be responsible for the number of golfers that you communicate to us. The minimum for a full course buyout (meaning your group is the only group on the course for the duration of your event in a particular daily hemisphere, 8 a.m. or 1 p.m. for example) is 128 golfers. On some occasions (weekdays, shorter daylight hours) the course may offer a full day, full course buyout* for 144 golfers with Golf Sales Manager's approval.
* During Daylight Savings, Friday-Sunday or the weeks of Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year's Day, the full day, full course buyout might require 180 paid golfers.

How many days before the outing date can the event be canceled and how much (if any) of the deposit will be refunded? When is my final player count due?

A group that cancels or reduces the number of players a minimum of 60 days in advance of the tournament date will receive a full refund for the total number of players canceled or reduced. A group that cancels or reduces 31-59 days in advance of the tournament date will receive a 50% refund for the total number of players canceled or reduced. Final number of players must be guaranteed 30 days in advance; a group may cancel or reduce up to 10% of the 30-day guarantee 4-29 days in advance. Reductions made within 3-days will not receive a refund. Modifications to these group terms and conditions must be approved by the Golf Sales Manager.

What is the dress code?

Appropriate golf attire is requested of all guests. Shorts are permitted, but should be of Bermuda length. T-shirts, jeans and denim are not permitted. Non-metal golf spikes are required.

Are spectators permitted?

Yes. Please speak with the Tournament Director in advance to make arrangements. In all cases, a $20 cart rider fee will be charged and a liability waiver must be signed. All persons driving golf carts must be at least 19 years old, have proof of insurance and a valid driver's license.

What is the inclement weather policy?

No matter what the weather forecast says (rain, wind, etc.), we ask that your group still come out to the course and wait to see if the weather improves. If there is a downpour and/or thunder and lightning, we will bring your group in from off the course and start your food and beverage event as early as possible. In the case of severe inclement weather, the course will work with your group to either re-book the golf event at no additional cost or extend weather checks to your participants. These courses of action will be determined by the Catering Director, Event Tournament Director and Golf Sales Manager.

Will there be extra carts available for volunteers?

Yes, but based on availability. Rental fees will apply for additional carts rented specifically for the event. Please expect to pay $65 to $75 per additional rented cart. Please contact the Tournament Director to make arrangements for extra carts.

Who is responsible for course, golf cart, facility or adjacent home damages?

The tournament group, Tournament Director and individual golfers are responsible. Event liability insurance is available through many insurance providers.

Do you allow outside donated food or beverages?

Under some circumstances and only with approval prior to your event. What can and will be approved and the necessary charges associated with that approval will be determined by the Catering Director and Golf Sales Manager after the request is reviewed. All proper local, county, state and federal health codes as well as alcohol and tobacco laws and regulations will apply.

Are there setup or breakdown fees for rooms or on the course?

Yes and no, this depends on your event, the day of your event and what is needed for your event. Some service is included in your tournament package and sometimes additional fees might occur if abnormal labor or equipment rentals are necessary. This can be the case if you need umbrellas, pop-up tents (we only own a few of each), volunteers to watch a hole-in-one contest or tables and chairs on numerous golf holes.

Are locker rooms and showers available to participants?

No they are not. We do have a number of adequate bathrooms and a changing room in the Golf Shop.

When is the final payment due?

Seven (7) days before your event unless approved otherwise by your Event Coordinator and the Golf Sales Manger.

Is the event taxed? How about staff gratuity?

No, but items purchased will be subject to the current CA state sales tax of 8%. In regards to golf, only items purchased in the Golf Shop will be subject to the states sales tax. Golf event gratuity is sometimes included with the tournament guest fees (this would be reflected in your contract and discussed during the booking process) and tournament guest fees are not a taxable item in the State of California. If the service and experience warrants an additional gratuity, or the gratuity is not included in the tournament guest fee, a gratuity of $2 - $5 per bag is recommended, but is certainly not required.

When should my players arrive?

We suggest players arrive no more than 2 hours before and no less than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled tee time. 

For a printable version of our Frequently Asked Questions click here.

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