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Cool Clubs

Play Better Golf

Cool Clubs fitting methodology is objective, precise, and scientific. Schedule your fitting at Oak Creek’s Cool Clubs Studio to elevate your golfing game.

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*Club fitting and putter studio services are provided by CoolClubs and subject to CoolClubs’ terms and conditions. This messaging is provided as a courtesy by Irvine Management Company, which sends promotional opportunities to its guests and members. Irvine Management Company and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for the services provided by CoolClubs.

Cool Clubs’ clients come from all walks of life. They have different ages, swing characteristics and handicaps, but have one thing in common: They love golf and they want the best equipment available.

  • 81% see their scoring average improve
  • 86% experience an improvement in tee to green accuracy
  • 82% see their distance improve


100% of Cool Club’s fittings include an initial assessment followed by an extensive Premier or Tour fitting session. We carry all of the top brands, and with over 20,000 shaft and head combinations, Cool Clubs can custom fit you with the best golf clubs available. Cool Club’s

Cool Clubs proprietary system, S3 Technologies, utilizes the most advanced shaft-testing technology in the industry, determining straightness, consistency profile, EI profile, CPM analysis and torque in a matter of minutes. Why is this important? Industry standards fail to create true apples-to-apples comparisons, leaving other clubfitters, and their customers, in the dark.

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